Alice Name Meaning, Origin, History and Personality

Alice Name Meaning

Alice comes from the Germanic name Adalhaid whose root "adal" means noble or noble race.

Alice Name Origin

The name Alice is derived from the German name Adalhaid.

Other origins of the name Alice

German name

Alice day

Saint Alice, also called Adelaide of the Holy Empire or Adelaide of Burgundy, is a Catholic saint born in 931 in Orbe. He is credited with the foundation of the double monastery of Seltz. She died in 999. The Alice are honored on December 16th.

Alice Name History

Alice is a phonetic evolution of the German name Adalhaid. The German terms, "adal" and "haid", that make up this first name mean "noble" and "lineage". In the Middle Ages, this name is extremely common in France and England, giving birth to several other names: Alais, Alis, Alix, Alison. After a period of oblivion, this name finds grace with Lewis Carroll's novel, "Alice in Wonderland". But it is only from the end of the sixties that the popularity of the name really begins to rise. Alice has even made the top 20 French names in 2012. Today, it is worn by around 90,000 people in France.

Alice Name Personality

Alice has great intuition. She likes communication and goes very easily to others. Alice is so simple and knows how to value things. Long-tempered, she is often predisposed to artistic creation. This great optimist loves life deeply. Pragmatic, she shines with her calm and serenity in the most complicated situations.

Famous People Named Alice 

One of Alice's best known is Alice of Savoy (or Alix). She is the daughter of Marguerite of Geneva and Thomas 1st of Savoy. Alice became abbess of the Abbey of Saint-Pierre-les-Nonnains between 1250 and 1277. More recently, Alice is the first name of the scene of the American hard rock singer Vincent Damon Furnier, become Alice Cooper. He is the father of the Shock Rock movement. In France, Alice Donna is the most famous personality wearing this name. This singer and songwriter wrote "Your side of the bed" for Joe Dassin or "People who cry, people who laugh" for Claude François.

Names similar to Alice

Alicea, Azelice, Alyce, Anne-Alice, Alie, Alis, Alixe, Alliance