Chloe Name Meaning, Origin, History and Personality

Chloé Name Meaning



The name Chloé is of Greek origin. In ancient times, it was attributed to the harvest goddess, Demeter, and it means "young shoot" or "budding grass".

Chloé Name Origin



The name Chloé is derived from the Greek first name Khloê.

Other origins of the name Chloé

French name

Chloé day

The Chloe are celebrated on July 13th. On that date, St. Clelia, founder of the congregation of the Sisters of the Virgin of Sorrows, is honored. Dead in 1870 in Romagna, Italy, she was canonized in 1989.

Chloé Name History



In Greek, Khloe means "the green", "budding grass". In mythology, Chloe was the other name of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. This name is reborn in the nineteenth century in England and the United States. In France, he met the success thanks to the novel The foam of the days of Boris Vian, whose heroine carries this name. Currently the 4th most given female given name, it has been in the top 5 nationwide since 1997. In 2013, it is expected to be in 3rd place and it is estimated that it should be awarded to 1 girl out of 77 this year.

Chloé Name Personality

Chloe is a great intellectual with a rare intelligence who is eager to learn and discover. Of an independent nature, she likes to have moments of calm to meditate. Quite discreet and reserved, she hates conflict and favors mediation on all occasions. Chloe has little confidence in her, yet her charm and femininity are a hit with the male. Difficult to approach this shy, but once entered his inner circle, you will be part of it for life.

Famous People Named Chloé  

Among the celebrities bearing this name include the American actress Chloë Sevigny found in particular in the films "Dogville" and "Zodiac". Chloë Moretz, another American actress wearing this name, began her career at 7 and was seen in the movies "Kick-Ass" and "Hugo Cabret". In France, Chloé Mortaud was elected Miss Albigeois Midi-Pyrénées in 2008 before being crowned Miss France in 2009. She also came third in the Miss World contest in 2009. Chloé Thévenin is a DJ, music composer electronic. She is at the origin of the musical label Kill the DJ. On television, Chloe O'Brian is a fictional character from the "24 Hours Chronograph" series starring actress Mary Lynn Rajskub.

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