Emma Name Meaning, Origin, History and Personality

Emma Name Meaning

The first name, Emma, can be the diminutive of Emmanuelle. In Hebrew, Emmanuel-el means "God is with us." If one takes into account its Germanic origin, Emma means "home."

Emma Name Origin

Emma is a name that has several origins. Emma's name derived from the Germanic name Imma, but it is also the diminutive of the Hebrew name Emmanuelle.

Other origins of the name Emma:

German name
Hebrew name

Emma Name day

We wish their feast to the Emma on April 19th. On this occasion, we honor St. Emma, a Christian who dedicated her life and fortune to the poor. The Catholic Church also celebrates St. Emma on June 29th. On this date, one honors Emma of Gurk, who founded monasteries in Austria in the eleventh century. The faithful go on pilgrimage to his grave for more than 300 years. Deceased about 1045, St. Emma of Gurk was canonized only 800 years after his death.

Emma Name History

The name Emma was very popular with the English in the nineteenth century, like Emma Lady Hamilton, mistress of Admiral Nelson. After being neglected by the French for years, he now occupies the first place in the charts. 108,000 French women carry it.

Emma Name Personality

Emma is very autonomous. Do not try to upset her! She wants to fend for herself. Voluntary and determined, she will put all her energy at the service of her objectives. The Emma are great seducers who know perfectly play their charms. Original and creative, they are real artists in the soul. Emma also attaches great importance to their family by devoting a lot of love and time.



Famous People Names Emma

  • Emma Chamberlain, 18.
  • Emma Watson, 29. Movie Actress.
  • Emma Marie, 15.
  • Emma Stone, 30. Movie Actress.
  • Emma Roberts, 28. TV Actress.
  • Emma Kittiesmama, 16.

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