Jade Name Meaning, Origin, History and Personality

Jade Name Meaning

The name Jade comes from the Spanish Ijada, which meant "flank" or "entrails". Jade is also a fine stone with a green color found in the East.

Jade Name Origin

The name Jade is derived from the french name Ijada. He appeared in the United Kingdom in the 1970s.

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Jade day

The Jade are celebrated on June 29, Saint Paul's Day, an apostle of Jesus, and St. Peter, Pope and Apostle. On this same day we celebrate the names referring to precious stones. Emerald, Ruby, Perline, and Jade ...

Jade Name History



The name Jade is borrowed from the mineral universe: the jade stone is a fine green stone whose name comes from the Spanish "piedra de ijad" which means flank stone, because it is supposed to cure the evils belly. Worn by 59,000 people in France, it is part of the top 50 national. Well known in France since 1977 with the birth of Mick Jagger's daughter, he explodes when the famous rocker Johnny Hallyday named Jade his adopted daughter of 3 months. Jade thus becomes the 9th most given female given name since the beginning of the 21st century in France.

Jade Name Personality

Jade is passionate. Driven by her will, she likes to get to the bottom of things. She believes in the requirement and the work. Reliable and faithful, it is a support you can rely on. She is fully focused on others. In all circumstances, Jade shows kindness and understanding. It's a real pleasure to be around a person like Jade. Lively and effective, she will leave nothing to chance. Jade does not seek ease, she knows that perseverance pays. Jade is precious, but deep as well. Be interested in his person, be loyal. It will make you feel good, and more!

Famous People Names Jade 

The famous Jade are not yet very numerous. Real name Martine Chambaraud, Jade is a French radio host. Jade Jagger is none other than the daughter of the famous singer Mick Jagger. Johnny Hallyday, sings "Jade sleeps" in tribute to his adopted daughter. In the world of fiction, "Jade" is a film by William Friedkin released in 1995. Jade is also a character in the video game Mortal Kombat. Let's also mention "Jade and the sacred mysteries of life", a philosophical tale by François Garagnon.

Names similar to Jade 

Jaade, Jhade, Jihade, Jada, Jadhe, Judie, Joddie, Jaouida