James Name Meaning, Origin, History and Personality

James Name Meaning

Anglo-Saxon form of Jacques. In its Hebrew form "Jacob" or "ya'agob", it means "God supported him, protected", or "the one who supplants".

James Name Origin

James is a British name, but its origin is Hebrew.

Other origins of the name James

Australian name
Scottish name

James day

James is celebrated on May 3rd or July 25th.

James Name History

Jacob is quoted both in the Bible - where he later gets the name of Israel - and in the Koran. His ancestors - his father, Isaac, and his grandfather, Abraham - and he forms the three patriarchs covenanting with God. They are responsible for finding the land that will be dedicated to him. Having gone into exile in Mesopotamia after an altercation with his brother, Esau, he had to face the angel who called him Israel ("he who wrestles with God") on his return to Canaan. Jacob is the father of the twelve creative patriarchs of the twelve tribes of Israel. In the biblical texts, the Hebrew people are often referred to as "the house of Jacob". He is considered one of the greatest prophets in the Qur'an. Saint James, says the Major, is present during the martyrdom of Jesus. He was one of the first Christian saints, executed by beheading under Herod Agrippa in 42 AD. It is said that a star stopped above the forgotten place where he had been buried. His grave was recognized, and a shrine was built here, which became a place of pilgrimage. It is Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle. Saint James the Minor (in reference to his difference in size compared to the apostle James the Greater) is mentioned in the Gospels as being "the brother of the Lord". He was executed by stoning between 62 and 66 by Jews. The name Jacques is introduced in England following the Norman invasion of 1066, and will give James, sometimes spelled Jaymes.

James Name Personality

The James are born entrepreneurs! With a great practical sense and very good communicators, they can also prove to be excellent salesmen. Their determination and perseverance can sometimes be considered stubbornness when they are stubborn and their initial intuitions are often verified. James likes to be the center of attention, and does not resist sycophants. However, the challenges that can be seen as challenges for other people stimulate them to the point because, once won, success will allow the James to shine even more. Enthusiastic, optimistic and open, James will never fail to infuse warmth and good humor among his family, because if James has a great joie de vivre, he is also a very good observer with great finesse that allows him to act always the most suitable way whatever the circumstances. If James can seem very proactive for his entourage, his intelligence and his wide culture make him a true esthete, and can also open to him the professions of creation. No wonder then that this brilliant and comfortable personage sometimes passes for a craner even going as far as narcissism. James' multiple talents make him an outstanding seducer both sentimentally and professionally. Attention to those who let themselves be seduced by James, because its requirements can be very high.

Famous People Names James

James VI (Stuart), King of Scotland (1566-1625), later known as James I, King of England and Ireland, after the union of crowns; James Dean (1931-1955), American actor; James Stewart (1908-1997), American actor; James McAvoy (1979-), British actor; James Norton (1985-), British actor; James Cagney (1899-1986), American actor; James Brown (1933-2006), American musician, singer, songwriter, dancer and producer; James Bay (1990-), British guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Names similar to James

Jeames, Jams, Jimes, Jamice, Jameson, Jems, Jaume, Jamyson