Leo Name Meaning, Origin, History and Personality

Leo Name Meaning

In Latin, Leo means "lion". This name is a symbol of strength and courage. Leo can be written with or without emphasis on the E.

Leo Name Origin

The name Léo is a Latin name, but it is also a diminutive of the first name Léon.

Other origins of the name Leo 

German name
Latin name

Leo day

Leo can be attached to the first name Leo. November 10 is the date on which Saint Leo I the Great is honored who was pope from 440 to 461. This doctor of the Church, died November 10, 461, is the only pope with Gregory I and Nicholas I to have been qualified of "big".

Leo Name History

The name Leo has existed since the nineteenth century in France. It was not until the 1980s that he began to become popular. There were 307 Leo in 1987 then about 1,700 in 1995, 4,500 in 2002 and almost 5,000 in 2010. In the 1990s, the release of the film "Léon" Luc Besson has greatly contributed to maintaining the popularity of the name Leo in France. Leo is also a diminutive of the name Leo.

Leo Name Personality

The Leo have an undeniable charisma. They are curious, dynamic and independent, which sometimes leaves their friends a little behind. The Leo are also very brave. They will be willing to render you any service. Quite direct, they know how to make a choice quickly even in stressful situations. Perfectly at ease in communication, the Leo will orient themselves professionally towards professions of lawyer, teacher or artist. For the others, they are constantly listening and showing understanding towards them. Leo's friends will find in him an endearing sensitivity.

Famous People Names Leo 

Among the famous artists who bear the name Leo, we find the authors of comics Leo (Brazilian) and Leo (French), but also the composer Léo Delibes, the interpreter and poet Léo Ferré as well as the DJ Léo Cuenca and the writer Leo Malet. On television, Leo Elbaz is a candidate for the reality show Secret Story, Leo Castelli is a character on the soap opera "Plus Belle La Vie" and Leo Wyatt is a character in the television series "Charmed". Leo is also present among athletes like Leo Messi (diminutive Lionel Messi).

Names similar to Leo 

Loé, Louy, Louie, Ly, Lie