Liam Name Meaning, Origin, History and Personality

Liam Name Meaning

The Irish name William is at the origin of the name Liam. The terms "wil" and "helm" form William and it means "will" and "helmet"

Liam Name Origin

The name Liam is attributed to Irish, and Anglo-Saxon, origins more generally.

Other origins of the name Liam

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Liam Name day

Chanoine, Cistercian monk and abbot and the mid-twelfth century, William of Corbeil said: "Guillaume de Bourges" is the patron saint of Liam as William and William.

10th of January is the celebration day of the name Liam.

Liam Name History

It is to the Irish that we owe today the existence of the name Liam. It was they who were inspired by the transformation of the name William into Liam after the British transformed the name William into William. The name Liam appeared on the eve of the 2000s. He met a peak of popularity in 2009.

Liam Name Personality

Marked by manhood and power, Liam displays a fierce and robust personality. In public, Liam presents himself as a person devoid of all emotion. His leitmotif? Show your determination and ability to lift mountains to achieve your goals. Behind this manhood, Liam turns out to be a tender and sensitive man. He dreams, more or less secretly, to lead a fulfilling and traditional family life with his companion or his companion and his children. When he assumes the status of head of the family, Liam knows how to be worthy of the daily situation. Protector, he invites the members of his tribe to discover new experiences without unnecessary risk-taking and always in values of respect and sharing.

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