Luise Name Meaning, Origin, History and Personality

Louise Name Meaning



The name Louise comes from the Germanic terms Hlod- and -wig which mean respectively "glory" and "fight".

Louise Name Origin

Louise is a French given name derived from the Germanic first name Hlodowig.

Other origins of the name Louise

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Louise day

On March 15, we honor Saint Louise (de Marillac), a disciple of Saint Vincent de Paul and co-founder of the Daughters of Charity in the 17th century.

Louise Name History

Louise is derived from the Germanic name Hlodowig whose Germanic roots Hlod- and -wig mean "glory" and "fight". Over the centuries and monarchies, the name has changed from Hlodowig to Louis. Louise is the feminine form of Louis. Symbol of royalty, elegance and intelligence, this name has long been neglected before regaining the general interest a few years ago. It is currently carried by more than 114,000 people in France.

Louise Name Personality

Louise has a lot of charm, but that does not mean that you will notice her at first glance, because she is rather discreet. A hard worker, she will assume with rigor all the tasks that will be assigned to her. Dreamy and passionate, Louise is deeply idealistic.

Famous People Named Louise 

The very pretty Louise Bourgoin, actress, animator and model, is today one of the most famous Louise in France. We can also mention the princess and mother of King Francis I, Louise of Savoy, or the anarchist and feminist activist of the nineteenth century, Louise Michel. Let's also mention the Louise Duchesses de La Vallière and Louise Bénédicte of Bourbon, Louise de Vilmorin (woman of letters) as well as the sixteenth century poet Louise Labé. By the way, Louise's attack is the name of a very famous French rock band. Foreign personalities include Louise Eckland, a British TV host who is known in France for her work on France Télévisions. Louise Ciccone is actually the real name of American singer Madonna. In addition, Australian tennis player Louise Field, American comic strip writer and writer Louise Simonson, and Canadian novelist Louise Gauthier are among the highlights.

Names similar to Louise 

Luise, Lise, Louisie, Lunise, Lou-Elise, Léonise, Luisa, Louiza