Maria Name Meaning, Origin, History and Personality

Maria Name Meaning

The name Maria derived from Myriam, the old form of Mary. This Hebrew name means "dear" or "loved."

Maria Name Origin

The name Maria derived from the Hebrew name Myriam.

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Maria Name History

Maria is the usual form of Mary in many languages. The name Mary was already common among Jews in the time of Jesus Christ. Its subsequent diffusion in Judeo-Christian cultures is evidently due to the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.

Maria was very successful at the end of the nineteenth century, even succeeding in dethroning Mary in 1895. Her popularity subsequently relapsed. A little over 133,000 Maria were born in France since 1900.

Maria Name Personality

Maria shines. She is full of joy in living and freshness. No harmful waves emanate from her, and when Maria is not well, she turns to nature to recharge her batteries. Attentive and compassionate, she does her best to help others. His altruism is the main of his qualities, and his entourage will be the first to benefit.

Famous People Names Maria

  • Maria Sharapova
  • Maria Menounos
  • Maria Bello
  • Maria Kanellis
  • Maria Kirilenko
  • Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Names similar to Maria

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