Raphael Name Meaning, Origin, History and Personality

Raphaël Name Meaning

The name Raphael, composed of the Hebrew terms rapha, "heal", and el, "God", means "God heals".

Raphaël Name Origin

The name Raphael is a Hebrew name.

Other origins of the name Raphaël

Hebrew name

Raphaël day

Raphael, one of the three archangels, represents the strength of healing. Saint Raphael is celebrated on September 29, he is the patron saint of travelers.

Raphaël Name History

The name Raphael, composed of the Hebrew terms rapha, "heal", and el, "God", means "God heals". Despite an exceptional peak of attribution in 1974, this first name is not widespread until the 2000s. But its growth is dazzling: it is very quickly propelled to the 12th rank of the national ranking. This incredible progression can be explained by the rise of Biblical names and the popularity of French singer Raphael. Today, it is carried by 102 000 people in the hexagon. It is estimated that it will be attributed to one boy out of 99 in 2013.

Raphaël Name Personality

Tender and serene, Raphael can also sting beautiful rages. They are usually bright and cultured and they know it. A bit pretentious, they are aware of their value and do not hide their pride. Intellectual vivacity and curiosity are certainly their primary qualities. Thirsty for knowledge, they are full of spirit and interested in everything. They are also men of great generosity. You can solicit their help and trust them, they will not disappoint you.

Famous People Names Raphaël

Several historical and religious figures bear this first name. Raphael was notably the name of several saints. We can also mention the famous Italian painter and architect Raphael (1483-1520), the 16th century Italian mathematician Raphael Bombelli and the French philosopher Raphael Enthoven. The Spanish tennis player Raphael Nadal is currently the most famous Raphael. Do not forget to mention the many musicians and singers so named such as the French Raphael (singer) and Raphael Fays (guitarist and composer) or the Spanish Raphael Sanchez. Raphael is the name of a Japanese musical group and the title of a song by Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. We can still count the French athletes Raphaël Géminiani (cyclist), Raphaël Varane (football player) and Raphaël Poirée (biathlete) as well as the American science fiction author Raphaël Aloysius Lafferty.

Names similar to Raphaël

Rafaël, Rephael, Raffaël, Raffaele, Raffaello, Refael, Real, Rayle